Intro Questions

1. Hi, I'm Victoria Shi, a Junior majoring in Biology (Neuroscience) with minors in Design and Anthropology.

2. I've always liked web design and wanted to take this class to better intergrate my interests in computer science and design.

3. I have learned little bit of HTML/CSS through a Sam Fox Friday Workshop and I have learned a little on my own.

4. I hope to explore the interactive advantages that are unique to digital media. With websites and apps, it's important to consider not just good design but how will the user engage with the product through buttons, swipes, touch, etc.

5. For designing a screen, there are buttons and links that led to more information to be displayed (like popup boxes or hyperlinks to other websites). I expect that this will impact the design process because not all information needs or will be immediately shown.

6. I think this blog show effective design, espeically in indicating the chronological order of the blog posts where users are indicated to scroll left or right. The uniformity of the blog post "blocks" doesn't prioritize one post over other yet the bright colors distinguish each post. The constant font size of the titles, dates, and description for each post also provide cohesion to the blog.

7. Bon Appetit's basically website clearly communicates recipes for beginners to follow and explore. The picture on one half of the screen effectively shows the finished dish in an appetizing manner and the large (and often long descriptive) titles on the other side provide clear direction to the recipe. The top menu and side bar also allows for quick navigation to specific topics. The scroll "animation", where it will automatically center to a photo and title "screen", eliminates the need to keep scrolling.

8. This portfolio site works well because she lists and displays different areas of work appropriate for each topic (brands, illustrations ,etc). for example, the "brands" page shows each brand name and gives a preview of her work once the mouse hovers over the brand name. Clicking on each brand leads to a separate page with the corresponding photos or graphics that gradually appear when scrolling down. While her works may differ in topic/medium, her portfolio still uses the same font or general organization scheme that provides unity.